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Things to Keep in Your Car to Insure Safety

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    Safety Items to Keep in The Car

    Considering how much time most of us spend in our car it only makes sense to prepare for an emergency situation. The following are several items you should always keep in your car to insure safety.



    Always keep a few bottles of water in the car in case you’re ever stranded. In hot weather adults, and especially children, can become dehydrated in a relatively short amount of time. Water can also be used in the radiator to temporarily cool down an overheated engine.

    First Aid Kit

    Even superficial injuries can bleed excessively. Having a few simple items can avert potentially dangerous situations. Every first aid kit should contain the basics such as pain reliever, hand sanitizer, antibiotic cream, and several sizes of bandages. Small scissors and tweezers should also be kept in the kit.

    Jumper Cables


    Sometimes a potentially dangerous or expensive situation can be averted simply by having jumper cables. Jumper cables should be at least 8 to 10 feet long. Not having to rely on roadside assistance if a car breaks down can save time and money.

    Road Flares

    These could save your life if you’re ever changing a tire at night. They can also help alert passing drivers that you’re in trouble. Flares are understood as the universal distress signal and they’re still effective during bad weather.



    Having a good light for examining things under the hood or under the car makes a flashlight essential for day or night driving. The flashlight should be waterproof. Make sure it’s either solar powered or there’s extra batteries in the glove box.


    Even if the weather isn’t that cold, having blankets can make waiting in the car less uncomfortable. There should be one blanket for each individual in the car.

    Tire Sealant


    Foam sealants are inexpensive and quick ways to fix a flat. It’s not a permanent solution, but will usually hold until you can get off the road and somewhere safe.

    Cat Litter

    This works well for traction and weighs less than sand. One bag could be enough to get your car out of a small snow drift or an icy patch.

    Staying safe on the road will keep insurance costs low. Being able to handle emergency situations and avoid having to be towed can keep car insurance premiums from going up.

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