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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for a Safe Holiday

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    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for most, that means plenty of food and time with loved ones. However, despite all the fun that comes during the holiday season, Thanksgiving is also one of the most dangerous holidays. Every year, there are kitchen fires, home robberies, car accidents and more. That’s why Thanksgiving safety is so important. Don’t put yourself at risk this year by following our tips below. 

    Thanksgiving Safety Tips


    Millions of people go out of town for Thanksgiving every year. Unfortunately, burglars often consider unattended homes an easy target for theft. Break-in crimes tend to spike during the holiday season, so take precautions to protect your home from break-ins.

    Whenever you leave your home, you should:

    • Secure your premises by locking all windows and doors.
    • Set your lights on an automatic timer to suggest someone may be home while you’re away.
    • Ensure no valuables are clearly visible from the windows (i.e. laptops, jewelry, etc.).

    Additionally, it’s a good idea to invest in a home alarm system. Many are inexpensive and may even come with a camera on the doorbell. They are typically easy to set up, too.



    If you will be traveling by car this holiday season, remember that Thanksgiving Day is one of the deadliest days of the year on the road. Speed plays a factor in many accidents, as does alcohol. In other words, always follow the speed limit and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, keep in mind that turkey has a hormone that makes you sleepy. It’s just as dangerous to drive tired as it is drunk.

    Thanksgiving weekend is also the busiest shopping weekend of the year due to the many sales and long hours of Black Friday. People will be congesting roadways both day and night. Be aware of other motorists and practice defensive driving at all times. Make sure you don’t leave any valuables in the car while you’re out shopping, either. Thieves will be looking for cars with expensive gifts inside.


    thanksgiving children kitchen safety

    Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? Then, you should remember that Thanksgiving safety is just as important as Thanksgiving dinner. If you will have small children running about your home, be sure to lock up any dangerous items first. This may include matches, kitchen knives and cleaning chemicals.  Also, avoid leaving appliance or window covering cords dangling wear children can reach them. If possible, provide a designated play area to ensure the floors throughout your home stay clear of toys and items that could cause someone to fall or injure themselves.


    Thanksgiving safety in the kitchen

    According to the National Fire Protection Association, more kitchen fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. Before you start cooking, ensure all fire alarms are working properly. Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen. Make sure it isn’t past its expiration date either.

    You should also avoid leaving lit candles, stoves and ovens unattended for any period of time. Wear short or rolled sleeves to prevent clothing from catching fire. Finally, be cautious and follow manufacturer directions regarding the use of turkey fryers, which present burn and fire hazards. You want your turkey dinner to be moist and delicious, not burnt to a crisp by an oven fire.

    Homeowners Insurance Protection

    If something does go wrong on Thanksgiving, you’ll want to have protection. A standard Homeowners Insurance policy has liability protection to cover you in the event that someone gets injured on your property. There’s also coverage to protect you against burglars. You may want to consider adding fire protection to your policy, too. Speak with an Insurance Specialist at (855) 247-5298 to discuss the insurance options that make the most sense for you. Also, have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

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