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Why Should You Get Flood Insurance?

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    People often make two unfortunate assumptions when it comes to flood insurance. The first is that they think they already have it via their homeowner’s insurance. While homeowner’s insurance does cover many types of damage to your home, flood damage is usually excluded in policies.

    The second assumption is that they will never have to worry about flooding. As a matter of fact, floods are a very common natural disaster in the US, in part because they are the by product of so many other natural events. Flooding can be caused by

    • Melting snow and ice
    • Storms
    • Hurricanes
    • Water back-up due to insufficient or blocked drainage systems

    You will be hard-pressed to find a home that is protected from all of these situations, and by association, flooding.

    Because California has many areas that can be prone to flooding, and because flooding is such a common disaster, many people consider supplementing their homeowner’s insurance with flood insurance to be a sound investment. If you agree that flood insurance would be a valuable addition to your protection contact us today to get started. AIS is here to help you find the right policy at the right price.

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