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How Wedding Insurance Can Protect Your Special Day

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    A wedding can be among the most costly things a couple will spend money on, with ceremonies and receptions reaching $20,000 or more. At that level of expense, a wedding is definitely an investment worth protecting. Fortunately, you can have peace of mind on your special day with wedding insurance.

    A wedding insurance policy will reimburse your costs in the event of property damage, cancellation, and even injury. Because of the number of things that can potentially go wrong at a wedding, wedding insurance tends to offer wide ranging coverage for a variety of dilemmas, even on lower premium policies.

    For example, if the reception venue becomes unusable because of inclement weather or natural disaster, wedding insurance can cover the deposit and the cost of changing the reception location. If the bride or groom is called away for military service, the cost of cancelling the wedding can be covered. Wedding insurance can also cover property damage (if it’s not already covered by insurance owned by the venue), gown or suit damage, and vendors failing to deliver. For instance, if your photographer never delivers your pictures, wedding insurance will pay to have the photos retaken. Wedding insurance can cover just about anything. However, “cold feet” is typically not covered in policies.

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