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Three Safety Additions that May Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

    2 minute read

    In many cases, when you can fortify the object of your insurance, it will cost less to insure it. Your home is no exception. Homes are susceptible to many types of damage such as fire, theft, and natural disaster. However, adding these three safety measures to your home may reduce your risk and your premium for homeowner’s insurance.

    • Smoke Detectors: These are rather common in millions of homes as a safeguard against fires. However, they must be properly maintained. Make sure your home has the right number of detectors placed in the most ideal locations as recommended by a professional home inspector. Afterwards, make sure they always have fresh batteries and are in working order.


    • Security Alarm: Installing an alarm or security system is an excellent way to catch would-be thieves and even stop burglaries before they begin. In addition, these also alert the police or fire department if disaster strikes your home while you are away, which can greatly minimize home damage. As such, insurance companies sometimes offer large discounts for installing a security system.


    • Sprinkler System: While smoke detectors are great for allowing homeowners to take swift action against a fire, an indoor sprinkler system can greatly reduce fire damage even when you are not home. Not only is having a sprinkler system a potential discount for your insurance, it can also help reduce your claim if you ever need to file for fire damage.


    If you are thinking of installing any of these features in your home, contact AIS to see if you are eligible for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance.

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