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Why is Liability Coverage so Important?

    2 minute read

    Homeowners insurance exists to protect your home and your possessions from events such as fires, hurricanes, severe storms and tornados. Homeowners insurance also exists to protect you as the homeowner in the event of an accident occurring on your property through what is known as liability coverage. Liability coverage protects a homeowner when someone is injured while on their property.

    Why is liability coverage such an important component of a homeowners insurance policy?  Well, quite plainly because accidents happen.  Often an accident is not one person’s fault; however, if an accident does occur on your property, you may have to assume responsibility for it.  Consider, for example, if your neighbor slipped and fell on an uneven step entering your home and was injured.  Or, if your son is playing baseball in the backyard and hits the ball into a neighbor’s window?  These types of events are most likely where your liability coverage will come into play.  Liability may coverage also protects you when damage or injury is caused by your pet, such as your pet biting someone delivering a package to your door. This coverage can also travel with you, so if your dog bites someone away from your home, that may be covered as well.

    For many, the liability coverage included in their homeowner insurance policy is sufficient, but others may choose to purchase additional coverage.  Below are some reasons why you may want to look into expanding your existing coverage:

    -  You own a swimming pool

    -  Social gatherings are held frequently at your home

    -  You have lots of pets.  (If you have a dog that is considered to be an aggressive breed, you will want to pay close attention to whether or not you will be covered if your dog bites or injures someone.)

    As with all types of insurance policies, there are exceptions to liability coverages.  All the limits and exclusions are specified in your policy and it is recommended you to review your policy to make sure that you have the coverage you need.

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