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Excluded Driver

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    Many people confuse having a person removed from a policy and getting what is called an excluded driver endorsement.  When someone is removed from a policy it is usually because they have left the household and no longer have access to the policy vehicles.  An excluded driver endorsement is a little bit different.  When an individual gets this endorsement, they are telling their insurance company that in no way should this person be covered if there is damage to the vehicle.   This endorsement is available as a cost-saving measure to avoid having to pay for a household member who will not be driving the insured vehicle(s). 

    Why would you need an excluded driver endorsement?  A policy owner may wish to apply this endorsement on a named driver because of some of the following issues related to the driver:

    • They have a suspended license.
    • They have a DUI conviction.
    • They are problematic drivers.

    Other than a driver with a problematic history in the home, a policy owner may wish to exclude all drivers other than the primary driver(s) to reduce their premium.  While this may save the policy owner money, they will have to consider that if there is an emergency need for the car and the policy holder is not able to drive, and the excluded driver has to do so, they still will not be covered in the event of an accident.

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