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After a Hurricane: Safety Precautions and Tips for Rebuilding Your Life

Rebuilding your home after a destructive hurricane is not only expensive, but it’s emotionally draining. The best hope for victims of a hurricane is that they are covered with the appropriate Homeowners Insurance policy. A standard Homeowners Insurance policy does not cover

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What Now? Surviving the Flood in the Aftermath

Some people live in areas where floods are a common disaster. They have learned the hard way that being prepared for such a natural disaster is very important. For many of us, however, a flood may not only devastate us

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December Winter Solstice – Is your insurance up-to-date?

This past Tuesday, December 22, was the winter solstice. Did you miss it? If so, chalk it up to holiday fever and revel in the assurance that the time you spend in daylight is now increasing. About the December Solstice

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El Niño is Coming – Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Flood Insurance Now

There is a weather phenomenon approaching that may help the record drought conditions in the West, but could potentially wreak havoc throughout the U.S. El Niño is predicted to significantly increase rainfall in affected areas. Storm and water damage is

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Record Rainfall Devastates South Carolina Homes, and Most Residents Don’t Have Flood Insurance

People are calling it “the thousand-year flood.” The rainfall that hit South Carolina earlier this month set records all over the state, as Hurricane Joaquin flooded entire towns and wreaked incredible damage to homes, cars and businesses. According to The

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Facts About Floods

Every year, countless people incur thousands of dollars of property damage caused by flooding. Floods are defined as water overflowing into an area that is normally dry. This may be just a few inches of standing water that subsides after

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Why Should You Get Flood Insurance?

People often make two unfortunate assumptions when it comes to flood insurance. The first is that they think they already have it via their homeowner’s insurance. While homeowner’s insurance does cover many types of damage to your home, flood damage

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Natural Disaster Coverages

Natural disasters are unpredictable and when one occurs is the wrong time to be assuming that your current homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage.  Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and other

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