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What Auto Insurance Company Should I Choose?

Let’s say you were to do two quick Internet searches. One asks, “what are the best auto insurance companies?” The other asks, “what are the worst auto insurance companies?” Both searches would result in lists with the same Auto Insurance

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8 Life Events That Can Cause Your Auto Insurance Rate To Drop

(3-minute read) You may have looked at your Auto Insurance bill only to wonder if your premium will ever drop. We’re here to tell you that the answer is yes. Your Auto Insurance rate can decrease for a number of

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Top 10 Ways to Bring Down Your Auto Insurance Rate in 2018

Many people’s auto insurance rates went up in 2017, with the exception of those who gained just enough experience to lower their new-driver rates, which are always the highest. While many people gripe about greed on the part of insurance companies,

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7 Auto Insurance Discounts You Should Know About

Your car, your zip code, your gender, the number of years you’ve been driving—these are all factors that affect your car insurance rate. They’re determinants that every insurance company will ask you about and specifically, these are things that you

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8 Tips for Getting Lower Car Insurance Quotes

Of course, it’s unethical to knowingly give false information when obtaining Car Insurance quotes. But there are two more practical reasons for being truthful. First, your insurer will check your personal and driving records to verify the information you have submitted

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Does My Education Level Affect My Car Insurance Rates?

There are many ways you can qualify for a discount on your Car Insurance. But did you know that your education level could be one of them? Yes, people who are well-educated often have lower Car Insurance rates. So, if

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