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Do You Need a Commercial Car Insurance Policy?

    3 minute read

    commercial policy for your businessMany Californians are known for having nontraditional jobs. In addition to the well-documented actors, musicians, and artists, there are plenty of residents who eschew standard nine-to-five employment to work for themselves, while others choose to augment their regular income with side businesses. Not only can these individuals earn some extra cash, but they can also utilize their innate talents to help others and become a more integral part of their communities.

    However, many of these entrepreneurial types may not realize that they need commercial car insurance. Depending on what type of industry they are in or which kinds of services or products they provide, they may be better protected if they obtain a commercial auto insurance policy.

    Why Regular Auto Insurance Might Not Cover Your Business

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    4 Surprising Services Offered By AIS

      2 minute read

      AIS started out providing Auto Insurance to customers in California. Due to hard work and and excellent customer service, we expanded not only our services, but also our range. AIS provides a variety of insurance coverage to customers nationwide. Our goal is to meet your insurance needs every day while offering low rates and competitive prices from a variety of trusted carriers. You can find information about all of AIS services and products online quickly and easily here.Read More »4 Surprising Services Offered By AIS