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Original Halloween Decorating Ideas

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    Are you looking for some quick and easy front porch Halloween decorations that don’t look like everyone else’s? Not into  spider webs and dead bodies scattered throughout the yard? If you are looking for a modern twist to add light and color to your front porch, AIS has found a few creative ideas for you.

    Remember, always keep your front porch very well lit so treat-or-treaters don’t trip and fall on your property. If they do and you have Homeowners Insurance, you’re covered!

    Paint your initial on a pumpkin with glitter or cut out your initials and light the pumpkin from the inside with a candle!


    Make a Tin Can Luminary

    Freeze water inside your tin can so you can hammer nails into the sides to display your message. Thaw out the water, paint your tin can, and ad a candle! Place lots of these outside to light your walkway.


    3D swirls pumpkin design:

    Use Caulk to draw swirly designs on your pumpkin. Cover the stem and spray paint the pumpkin white and you have a modern pumpkin for your porch!

    Share your favorite Halloween decorations with us on our Facebook and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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