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5 Things Your Auto Insurance Company Should Be Doing for You

    3 minute read

    Your Insurance Company, Your Advocate

    car driving fast down a country roadThere are dozens of auto insurance companies out there. Sure, they all offer you auto insurance, but what other services do they provide for you? Here are 5 things that your insurance company should be doing for you. If not, you might want to consider switching.

    1. Advocating for You

    AIS has a long history of consumer advocacy, and the company strives to provide everything we feel our customers deserve. We work with many insurers who handle a wide variety of policies, and we look closely at what each company offers and at what price. We will get you a quote, help you negotiate a rate, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each policy being offered to you. If your insurance company isn’t doing that… well, why aren’t they?

    2. Discount-for-Discount Comparison

    Insurance companies usually offer discounts that you may not know about. Some discounts are even so obscure, or so specific, that some of the insurer’s own agents might not be aware of them. One excellent example is membership discounts. If you happen to belong to a specific group, that group may get a discount with a certain insurer that you cannot get elsewhere. At AIS, we work hard to consistently keep our list of discounts updated and review them carefully so the prices you pay, and the quotes we give you, properly reflect the deals you may never even know you had coming…

    image of cars speedometer3. 24/7 Online Support

    When you say the word “insurance,” most people immediately think of paperwork: stacks and stacks and stacks of paperwork. They cringe at the idea of giving even the smallest piece of information because they are afraid of being sucked into a mire of obscure rules and fine print. And maybe even worse than that, is the thought of having to block out an hour of their day to spend on the phone figuring it all out.

    At AIS, we built our website to be user friendly, and to offer a simple and direct way to revise your policy. Whether you need to add a VIN number, change your coverage, or remove a car from your policy, you can do so on a site that is simple, logical, and best of all, available any time of the day or night.

    4. Flexible Payment Plan Options

    Auto insurance can vary depending on your driving record, your car, and a multitude of other factors, and unfortunately, certain aspects of your policy are nonnegotiable. One thing that should be flexible though, is how you pay for your insurance. Whether you want to pay one lump sum per year or make one insurance payment every month, an insurance company should offer you the ability to pay for your policy the way that is most convenient for you.

    5. Easily Accessed Basic Information

    Information accessibility is an important feature of any insurer worth using. At AIS, our website has sections for both frequently asked questions and a detailed glossary of insurance terms. So if you are reading about a policy and come across something you are unclear on, you will be able to look it up and find the answer without having to call and ask, or rely on Google for the answer.

    AIS Goes to Work for You

    Here at AIS, we have tailored our services to provide for you in many more ways than just the five listed above. What is most important to us though, is that you get quality insurance coverage at a price you can afford. So if you need coverage in California, call AIS: We’ll get you on the road.

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