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Auto Insurance Myths

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    After many years of selling California auto insurance, we have fielded numerous questions about auto insurance “myths” associated with them.  Below is a list of our favorite “myths” and what they actually mean.


    I recently paid my insurance premium and purchased a new car.  This means that I am covered.  This is true up until a certain point.  You typically have a certain amount of time under the terms of your policy to notify your carrier of a new or replacement vehicle.  If you have purchased a car that is very different from your current model, your premiums could be significantly different.  It is always a good idea to contact your agent or carrier immediately to advise them of your new vehicle.


    I’ve never been in an auto accident so I don’t need insurance.  While most are lucky enough to not have been in an auto accident, it is still imperative that you protect yourself, people in your vehicle and others sharing the road.  It is also illegal in all states to drive without auto insurance.


    While these are our favorites, there are many myths about auto insurance.  If you have specific questions please contact a representative at AIS Auto Insurance(Link to homepage).

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