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Things you probably should know about your home’s pipes in the winter

As winter tightens its grip on the U.S., homeowners must prepare for the many challenges it brings with it. One of these is frozen pipes, which frequently occur in unheated areas of the home and outside. When temperatures drop below

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Winterizing Your Home

Fall is here and the weather is cooling down. It’s the perfect time to protect your home against the frigid temperatures of ‘Old Man Winter’, which are just around the corner. Taking steps to winterize your home can save you

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Winterize Your Car

Snow storms, ice storms, and freezing temperatures can make winter driving treacherous. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t get much snow or ice, colder temperatures can cause extra wear and tear on your vehicle. Getting your vehicle

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Winter Boat Storage Tips

As the warm summer months draw to a close and cooler temperatures begin to creep in, the time has come yet again to put away the boat for the winter. Rather than simply park the boat in a storage area,

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Heating Safety Tips for Winter

Winter is here, and many families are cranking up the thermostats to keep warm indoors. Unfortunately, because of the increased use of heating equipment, the winter season tends to show an increase in house fires nationwide. During these chilly months,

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Preparing your Car for Winter

Not only are the winter months upon us, but so is the travel season. As everyone makes plans to trek to far-off places, some of the worst weather of the year occurs. As such, winter can turn into a busy

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