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BBQ Safety Tips- How to Prevent Foodborne Illness

What is your favorite part of the summer? The warm weather, swimming, longer days? Usually, these are the common things that people name off that puts them in the summer mood, along with the days spent BBQ-ing your favorite foods.

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4 Things to Check for the Expiration Date

With life’s busy hustle, sometimes it is easy to forget when your different food items expire; furthermore, it is even more cumbersome to remember when various household items expire. Make-up, cleaning supplies, medicine and toothbrushes are just a few items

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4 Holiday Shopping Tips

Are you still shopping for the holiday season? If so, follow four shopping tips that help you stay organized, have fun and buy the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. 1. Create a list of gift recipients and set

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4 Holiday Traveling Tips

We’re about to hit the big holiday season once again, leaving us to wonder where the last 365 days went. It’s time to see some great family, chow down on delicious food, and best of all, enjoy some much-needed days

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Car Ride Safety Tips for Pets

Whether your family is driving across the country to visit relatives for the holidays or you’re simply driving across town to the vet, you’ll most likely have to bring your dog or cat along for the ride at some point.

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Winter Boat Storage Tips

As the warm summer months draw to a close and cooler temperatures begin to creep in, the time has come yet again to put away the boat for the winter. Rather than simply park the boat in a storage area,

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What To Do When Pulled Over

It’s normal to get a little flustered when you see flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror. Whether you know you committed a traffic violation or have no clue why you’re being stopped, how you handle the situation makes all

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Parallel Parking Tips

Parallel parking is one driving maneuver that can make even veteran drivers crazy. In fact, many people just decide to avoid parallel parking at all costs. While this parking style seems tricky, it is actually not that complicated. Here are

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Power Outage Tips

What should you do during an extended power outage? We rely on electricity so much in everything we do, from keeping our lights on to watching TV and operating our appliances. This can be a dangerous situation for those of

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Boating Insurance Tips

When warm weather arrives, boat owners are itching to get out on the water. However, in the rush to hit the open waves, many neglect to perform some routine preparation tasks that can lead to mechanical failures or legal issues.

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