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Expert Interview Series: Cliff Pendell of JRC Insurance Group on Insurance Trends & How to Select the Right Insurance Policy

Cliff is the Vice President of Operations at JRC Insurance Group where he manages the day-to-day processes and operations to ensure all customers receive excellent customer service. You have over 50 years of collective experience in the insurance industry at

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Expert Interview Series: Santanu Debnath of MyDailyLifeTips.com on Insurance Life Hacks

Santanu Debnath is a passionate blogger who loves to write about personal finance and insurance @MoneyGyaan.com and everyday life hacks @MyDailyLifeTips.com. You wrote a blog post recently on mydailylifetips.com about term life insurance and why it’s a good choice. What

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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Term Life Insurance

Because term life insurance appears to be straightforward, some individuals make mistakes without realizing it when obtaining a policy. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when purchasing term life insurance. Getting Coverage too Late in Life Since term life insurance

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