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Is Lane-Splitting Legal in California?

Motorcycles are growing more popular as a main vehicle for transportation. You may have even noticed an increasing number of these motorists during your commute to work lately. Well, did you ever notice how most riders beat gridlock by weaving

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Is All California Motorcycle Insurance the Same?

Motorcycle insurance is necessary, but rates can vary. You have had your eye on a brand new Harley Davidson for a few years. After many overtime shifts, you finally have enough for the down payment. Finally, you can stop taking

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How to Save Money on California Motorcycle Insurance

So you saved up money for a long time and finally accumulated enough to buy a motorcycle. The open road is calling you, and you can almost feel the wind blowing through your hair as you think about the freedom

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Buying a Motorcycle? 10 Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in California

Buying a motorcycle is a huge deal. And like most other major purchases, the total cost will add up to much more than the sticker price of the new bike itself. You have to factor in dealer fees, delivery fees,

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5 Facts About California Motorcycle Insurance:

If you live in California, a motorcycle is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. While riding motorcycles might seem like a carefree past time, it still requires its own type of insurance. Here are five facts

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Auto Insurance Discounts with AIS

When it comes to auto insurance, it can be difficult to find the best deal. At AIS, it’s important to us that you get the best deal on auto insurance. So whenever you buy a policy through us, we may

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Special Vehicle Insurance

Special vehicle insurance is necessary for motorcycles, boats, classic cars, RVs, and other non-car vehicles, but too often people fail to secure this specialized insurance. Recreational toys, like ATVs, golf carts, and motorbikes, need insurance just like the family car

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Own a Scooter? Buy Motorcycle Insurance

Yes, it sounds funny, but if you commute on a scooter and ride it on the road, it must be insured.  Scooters can be just as dangerous as a motorcycle and therefore you need to protect yourself and others on

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Motorcycle Insurance Quote

Now that summer is almost here, many people will be starting to ride their motorcycles.  Before the bike comes out of the garage, it is important to make sure that it is insured properly.  Shopping for motorcycle insurance can be

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