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How to Read the Declarations Page on Your Insurance Policy

Your car insurance policy has a declarations page which declares what coverages and limits you’ve chosen to buy to protect yourself in case of an accident. Sometimes, an agent will refer to this page as the Dec Page. This page

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Why You Need Renters Insurance

Many renters make the mistake of assuming that a landlord’s insurance policy will protect them in the event of a catastrophic event. Unfortunately for renters, a landlord’s insurance policy is intended to protect the landlord against possible lawsuits/litigation and his/her

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California Boat Owners Insurance

If you think about your boat as a car you drive on the water, it’s much easier to understand why boat owners insurance is so important. Just like your car, your boat is an expensive investment that you want to

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Homeowner Liability

Most people think of homeowner’s insurance as something that only protects the home from disasters like fire, theft, or certain natural disasters. While homeowner’s insurance does provide that coverage, it also protects the homeowner by providing liability coverage. “Liability” refers

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Why is Liability Coverage so Important?

Homeowners insurance exists to protect your home and your possessions from events such as fires, hurricanes, severe storms and tornados. Homeowners insurance also exists to protect you as the homeowner in the event of an accident occurring on your property

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