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Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?

Inevitable Nature Earthquakes are inevitable phenomena of nature that can cause devastating damage and loss in just a few seconds. If your home is not built or designed to withstand the massive earth movements, there will likely be damages to

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Do you need Valuable Items Insurance?

What is Scheduled Coverage (aka Valuable Items Insurance)? When you get a homeowners, condo or renters insurance policy, it usually comes with coverage for some high-value items. Unfortunately, the standard policy tends to limit the coverage for these valuable items

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Moving to California: An Insurance Checklist

If you’re moving to California, you have a lot to think about – from choosing where you’re going to live to figuring out how to get here. It’s important to include buying California insurance in your plans. That way, you

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What’s the Difference between Condo and Homeowners Insurance?

If you own a condominium, your insurance needs will be different from someone who owns a house. You don’t need homeowner’s insurance, but rather insurance specifically designed for condos. That’s because as a condo owner, you only own your unit,

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How Do I Determine the Amount of Condo Coverage I Need?

Insuring a condominium (condo) is much different than insuring a home.  When insuring a home, you must take into account the structure of the home, contents, lot and any other structures contained therein.  A condo is different because in most

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