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8 Life Events That Can Cause Your Auto Insurance Rate To Drop

(3-minute read) You may have looked at your Auto Insurance bill only to wonder if your premium will ever drop. We’re here to tell you that the answer is yes. Your Auto Insurance rate can decrease for a number of

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Separating Fact from Fiction: Insurance Myths Debunked

Unfortunately, most people think of insurance as a very complicated topic. There are rules and regulations that differ from state-to-state, coverages that apply only in certain circumstances only to be undone by exclusions. And let’s not forget all those insurance

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How to Save Money on Auto Insurance – Even With a Less Than Perfect Driving Record

Take it easy. It’s all right. Just breathe. It’s not the end of the world. It may help to keep repeating these words when you are pulled over by a police officer and given a traffic ticket. Or if you’re

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How Lower Gas Prices Impact Auto Insurance Rates

Developments around the world in 2015 have caused gas prices to drop nearly 50% over the last six to nine months, from a peak of close to $4.00 per gallon in 2014 to under $2.00 on average as winter draws

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The Truth About Teen Drivers & Auto Insurance Rates

In today’s world, teenagers are masters of all things relating to smartphones, cat videos and eye rolling. However, one skill some teens struggle with is operating a motor vehicle. Yes, it’s about that time when you have to teach your teen to

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How is Your online Car Insurance Quote Generated?

These days, you can do virtually anything online, like: read the newspaper, find a date for Saturday night, pay your bills, or even get a rate quote for your car insurance. As with any of these, ease and efficiency are their

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What To Do When Your Auto Insurance Rates Rise

2015 saw a lot of auto insurance rates increase in different states across the U.S.  GEICO and Allstate received a lot of press attention for their increases, but many other companies also had rate changes that may have affected you. 

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The Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Cities for Georgia Auto Insurance

The precious state of Georgia is the perfect place for peanuts, pecans, and peanuts. From the grandeur of Stone Mountain to the tradition of the Masters golf tournament to the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia is full of beauty and

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Should You Install a Crash-Avoidance System on your Car?

There’s a distinct advantage to purchasing a new car rather than a pre-owned one. That is, the newer vehicle will probably have more safety features than its older counterpart. Years ago, you could buy a car with optional safety features

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Will Ride-Sharing Companies Drive up Auto Insurance Rates for Everybody?

Transportation network companies, also known as TNCs or ride-sharing companies, are popping up in more cities across the U.S. With names like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, these entities allow a person to set up and pay for a ride using

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