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Expert Interview: Erik Raper on Protecting Personal Information in the Digital Age

Erik Raper is senior vice president at Paragon Solutions, a leading advisory consulting and systems integration firm. Here, he discusses digital trends and how insurance companies are attempting to improve customer experience. He also gives advice on how to keep personal information safe when

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Factors That Can Increase the Cost of Home Insurance

When you purchase a home, you’ll want to protect your investment from potential loss or damage. If you have home financing, buying homeowners insurance isn’t a choice but a requirement. While you should certainly have this important coverage, it’s never

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What Kinds of Disasters Does Home Insurance Cover?

You buy homeowners insurance so that you have financial protection in case an unforeseen event causes damage to your home or personal property. But, what if some major disasters weren’t covered by that policy? Exclusions in your home insurance can

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Surviving a Wildfire – What to Do After the Flames Are Put Out

If you were evacuated from your home due to raging forest fires, it will be an emotional experience to return after the flames are no longer burning. Chances are you’re hoping the damage wasn’t very bad while at the same

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How to Prepare an Inventory of Your Home and Valuables in Case of a Wildfire

So you know you live in a dry, hot drought ridden area and you want to be responsible when it comes to wildfires. You think you have the right type of insurance, but how would you make a claim in

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Expert Interview Series: Santanu Debnath of on Insurance Life Hacks

Santanu Debnath is a passionate blogger who loves to write about personal finance and insurance and everyday life hacks You wrote a blog post recently on about term life insurance and why it’s a good choice. What

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Protecting Yourself and Your Home Against Wildfires

Most people know that California is very susceptible to wildfires, but not all of the state’s residents are prepared for when it happens. Certainly, there are preventative steps you can take to protect your home. You must also be prepared

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Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Solar Panel System to Your Home

Are you considering making your house more “green?” Do you already have solar panels and want to make sure you’re protected if they become damaged? Do you need to buy insurance for solar panels? For over a decade now, people

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The Unique Home Insurance Needs of Your Mobile Home Investment

You’ve landed a nice job and you’re ready to move into a place of your own. As you begin to research the cost of buying a single-family home, condo or loft, you realize that your budget will not easily accommodate

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Are You On Shaky Ground? Add Earthquake Insurance for Your Home

Living in California has lots of perks. The weather is great just about all year round, there are wineries everywhere, and jobs are high-paying compared to many other states (although the cost of living is pretty high too). Whether you

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