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Do You Know These 9 Myths About Car Insurance?


Insurance contracts can be very complex and there is often a great deal of fine print involved.  It’s no wonder that many people end up learning what they know about car insurance from other consumers.  Unfortunately a lot of the

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The Future of Auto Insurance and Driverless Cars

Google is famous as the world’s most used search engine, for its Google Earth mapping system, Gmail, and many other things that you can bring up on your computer or portable device. Google has recently been investing in a multitude

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What Do People Really Think About Usage-Based Auto Insurance?

Usage-based insurance is one of the biggest innovations the auto insurance industry has seen in quite some time. The question is – will it catch on with Americans? Here’s the idea: you place a little device (which usually plugs into

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The Cheapest (and Most Expensive) Cities for Illinois Auto Insurance

From bustling cities to green parks to beautiful lakes, the state of Illinois has a lot to offer its residents. But to experience all of the advantages of living in Illinois, you need a car to get around the state’s

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Should You Install a Crash-Avoidance System on your Car?

There’s a distinct advantage to purchasing a new car rather than one that was pre-owned: the newer vehicle will probably have more safety features than its older counterpart. Years ago, you could buy a car with optional safety features like

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Will Ride-Sharing Companies Drive up Auto Insurance Rates for Everybody?

Transportation network companies, also known as TNCs or ride-sharing companies, are popping up in more cities across the U.S. With names like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, these entities allow a person to set up and pay for a ride using

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Why Are L.A. Insurance Rates the Highest in the State?

According to the LA Times, a recent study has proven what Californians already knew to be true: that auto insurance costs more in both the city and county of Los Angeles. Exactly how much more costly is it? The study

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Who Can We Blame for High Car Insurance Rates?

Why does everything cost more than it used to? This is the question that is frequently asked by Americans; but usually, the answer is pretty complicated. Certainly, it would be easier (and more satisfying) for us to be able to

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Jobs That Can Save You Money on Auto Insurance

  Everyone seems to be searching for their dream job. For many, it is about more than just making a nice salary. It is about perks such as having their own office, gourmet coffee service in the break room, a

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Why You Don’t Want to Lie About Your Address to Get Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Whether or not you think this is fair, where you live has tangible effects in some industries — including auto insurance. But it’s not because of any perceived status of a policyholder. Since addresses are often used as a determinant

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