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Is Your Lyft, Sidecar or Uber Insurance Coverage Good Enough?

Since Uber and Lyft became popular a few years ago, the insurance industry has been scrambling to figure out how the liability of accidents will work. Will the company be responsible? Or will it be the driver’s own auto insurance

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Why a Trust or LLC Endorsement is Needed on your Homeowner’s Insurance

The title of this article is Why a Trust of LLC Endorsement is Needed on Your Homeowner’s Insurance. If you have a Trust or an LLC, it’s likely that you know what these words mean. But, for the sake of

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Insure Your Business Against Cyber Risks

As a consumer, your personal data—whether it be finance, health or otherwise—is increasingly being stored in electronic databases across the cloud universe. Businesses (from credit card companies to hospitals and everything in between) rely on accessing this information and protecting

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Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?

Inevitable Nature Earthquakes are an inevitable phenomena of nature that can cause devastating damage and loss in just a few seconds. If your home is not built or designed to withstand the massive earth movements, there will likely be damages

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5 Tips for Getting Cheap Car Insurance

The beginning of the year—between January and March—is a popular time to shop for car insurance. To launch their search, most people take to the Internet, prioritizing the keyword “cheap” above all else. That can be their first mistake. You

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Do a Life Checkup This Month

Are you still working on your New Year’s resolution? If so, congratulations! If not, it’s okay. It happens to the best of us. But that doesn’t mean this month isn’t a great time to do a quick life checkup—to assure

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Lowering Auto Insurance Rates By Keeping Safety in Mind

“Be safe!” When you were younger, your mother or father probably said something like that to you whenever you were heading out onto the road. Back then, they probably had good reason to, given that motor vehicle accidents have long

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10 Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in California

Buying a motorcycle is a huge deal. And like most other major purchases, the total cost will add up to much more than the sticker price of the new bike itself. You have to factor in dealer fees, delivery fees,

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Whose Home or Auto Insurance Pays when the Wind Knocks a Tree onto my Car/House?

Whose Fault is it? Sunday night near Cerritos, CA the wind was blowing at approximately 30 mph. Thirty. Miles per hour. That’s as fast as a car driving down a street. If you’ve had the “pleasure” of walking outside during

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The World’s 6 Most Extravagant Wedding Venues—and Insuring Your Big Day

The cost of the average wedding in 2014 was $31,213, excluding any potential honeymoon that might send the newly minted couple to a faraway beach post nuptials. While typical guest-list numbers have seen a decline—settling around 136—modern couples are intent

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