Up Front: How Women Motorcyclists Are Changing an Industry

As times change, so do women in their quest for freedom and new adventures. It used to be that you only saw women riding on the back of a man’s motorcycle, but lately, you’ll notice that more women than ever are riding their own bikes. What was once a novelty is becoming the norm, even a cheaper alternative to car ownership. With the help of women bloggers and even companies like Harley-Davidson, women are safer riders than male riders and some are even doing their own motorcycle maintenance and repairs. It seems that with each generation, the number of women who owns their own bikes is growing too. In 1998, only 8% of motorcycles were owned by women. But that number went up to 14% in 2014. Amongst Generation X motorcycle riders, 17%are women, one percentage lower than Generation Y riders. Partially to thank for the rise in female riders are celebrities like Santigold, Queen Latifah, Jillian Michaels and Margaret Cho.

What Motorcycles Are Women Riding?

Surprisingly, the biggest selling type of motorcycle amongst women are cruisers (34% of them, in fact), with scooters coming in a close second. Also, women bikers tend to be younger than their male counterparts. Their average median age is 39  versus 48 for men. These women have fewer accidents  and are generally safer riders than men. They also take more safety classes: Compare 60% of all female riders to 42% of male motorcyclists.

Honda, Yamaha and even the uber-masculine Harley-Davidson bikes are evolving to fit the needs of women, who have shorter torsos and legs. Clothing and helmets are also being designed by many manufacturers. If you’re shopping for motorcycles, you no longer have the restrictions women used to have. And no, you don’t have to ride uncomfortably on a man’s motorcycle anymore!

Getting Connected: All-Female Motorcycle Clubs

Despite the growth in the number of female riders, there are still some women out there who only dream of buying their own motorcycles but are afraid to do it. If you are a woman interested in riding a motorcycle and need a little boost of courage or just a bit more inspiration to get you started, there are lots of all-female motorcycle groups out there.

All-women’s motorcycle clubs have become very visible and popular in the past few years. Female-only riding groups now get together via big events like Babes in MotoLand, Dream Roll and Women on Wheels. Even Harley-Davidson is capitalizing on the growing popularity of bikes amongst women: They are beginning to be featured in photos and advertising campaigns. They even offer “garage parties” to women interested in learning basic riding skills.

There are so many all-women’s motorcycle groups out there. To choose which one seems a good visit, check out what each one has to offer.

Women’s Motorcycle Blogs and Publications

Women bikers like to read about other women bikers and so do women who need some courage to get a motorcycle of their own. Aspiring female riders often feel empowered after reading other women’s stories. The following publications are a rich resource for beginners and experienced riders alike. Here you’ll get reviews on clothing, accessories, motorcycles and tips on how to care for your bike and yourself.

If you find yourself alone amongst friends who have no interest in riding, these blogs are a great way to connect with other women who love motorcycling.

Carla King

This blog belongs to the author of American Borders Motorcycle Diaries, Stories from Elsewhere: Solo Wanderings on Two and Three Wheels, Motorcycling for Women: How to Choose a Beginner Bike, Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel. Carla King is a pro with great advice for novices and those who’ve had their share of experiences.


Marilyn Elmore is not just an avid motorcyclist. She’s a writer, photographer with 30 years of riding experience that she often documents in amazing photography. Her focus is on local areas within Tennessee and motorcycle maintenance.

GirlRiders Network

GirlRiders network is an international community, which encourages women worldwide. Here you’ll find reviews of important products and interviews with female motorcyclists who are sure to inspire you to get on a bike. This blog is a rich resource if you’re interested in attending events or learning a few tips about bikes and riding in general.

Her Motorcycle

Christine’s blog focuses on biking adventures on the road with her husband. She provides links to different women’s motorcycle clubs and advice about gear, gadgets and bikes. If you’re in need of some great roadtrip ideas, Christines got just that and then some.

Liz Jensen

Liz Jensen is a biker chick and the author of Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment and an eBook series called Life Lessons. Her articles have appeared in national magazines and many online publications. Her focus is motorcycling as a spiritual journey. If that’s your thing, you’ll want to visit her site.


Alisa is a motorcycle tour guide, journalist and motivational speaker on Women’s Empowerment Tours. She’s the woman to follow if you need inspiration to get behind the wheel of your very own motorcycle.


Vicki Gray is a motorcycle racer and instructor for almost 30 years. She founded “International Female Ride Day,” so you bet you’ll be more than inspired by her writing if you’re looking for a nudge to buy your own bike.

Women ADV Riders

Women ADV Riders connects women riders worldwide with a team of women from all different parts of the world. Their aim: to inform and inspire women to have motorcycle adventures. They offer smart reviews about gear, clothing, motorcycles, roadtrip destinations and more. This magazine is a dream come true for every biker chick out there.

Women Riders Now 

Genevieve Schmitt is a one-stop resource for women who want to read motorcycle news and see all the listings for related events. In her blog you’ll also find invaluable reviews of bikes, gear clothes and accessories. Schmitt is yet another history-making biker chick, who was inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in 2001.


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