Boss Burnout: 7 Tips for Avoiding Entrepreneurial Burnout

Entrepreneurial burnout can come at any time but for many, the end of the year is particularly difficult. This is a time when business managers and bosses will go into overdrive to ensure a strong finish. Through it all, it’s important to keep in mind that you are one of your business’s greatest assets, and a healthy, well-rested and focused version of you is crucial to your success. Here are some ways to avoid burning out, or as we call it, Boss Burnout.

burnout-man woman meeting coffeeSay No to Burnout. Talk It Out.

Yes. Reading business articles such as these is great. However, do you remember a student counselor recommending a mentor? Well, finding a mentor in business is not a bad idea either. You may not have a mentor at the time, but regularly communicating with a peer in business can really help you put things in a broader perspective. Having someone that you can bounce thoughts and feelings off will not only clear your mind but it will also help curate your plans for success.

burnout-woman race positionGet Physical.

Who doesn’t want to look better? Everyone does. But besides fighting the flab, regular exercise is a great way to fight off and even prevent the stress that leads to burnout. You’ll get an all-natural high that will have you feeling energized and more positive. This new-and-improved you will benefit your business too.  You don’t need a gym membership or elaborate equipment. A simple search on YouTube for “home workout routines” will give you more than enough to get you sweating that stress away.

burnout-no yes blueBe Negative.

We don’t mean this in the pessimistic sense but get comfortable with saying no. A can-do attitude is great, but you can’t say yes to everything that comes your way. This is a huge reason why many of us stretch ourselves thin, and it’s particularly true for those who are naturally people pleasers. People-pleasing is a great trait to have in in customer service, but from a management standpoint, giving out too many yeses can mean you’re biting off more than you can chew. Carefully weigh the things you agree with taking on. You can’t jump on every opportunity, fulfill every personal favor, attend every meeting. Be mindful of your yeses and remember the old saying, “It’s better to under-promise and over deliver.”

burnout-team work fistsDelegate.

Taking on more than you can handle will hurt you and your business, but delegating can allow you to accomplish extra work without putting all of the burdens on your own shoulders. Allow yourself to trust responsible partners and employees and delegate matters that are well within their capabilities. Not only will this provide immediate relief, but you will nurture trust and help develop others in a way that continues to provide support and growth. And don’t worry, you’re still the boss.

burnout-phone downDisconnect.

You don’t have to be that old to remember a time without mobile devices. If you can’t remember, just know that business still got taken care of. Learn to leave your phone in the living room when it’s time to have dinner or to go to bed. If you go to the park or visit family or friends, put the phone on silent and enjoy the moment. For some of you, putting your phone on silent won’t be enough, so turn it off. Don’t worry, your messages and emails will still be there for you. Always being connected may seem like a great way to stay productive, but it can easily become counterproductive too.

burnout-beach resortLeave.

Go out for an hour at least one day a week. Schedule time off for yourself and enjoy a vacation from all the work every once in a while. This may be particularly difficult for you as you might feel that you should always be around for things to run smoothly. Don’t be that person who busts themselves day in and day out but doesn’t enjoy the fruits of their labor. You can squeeze in one major trip a year to get to know another part of the world and one or two weekend trips where you get to explore a part of the US you haven’t yet seen. Traveling not only helps rest the mind, but you may find yourself stumbling into great ideas for your business and make some new friends along the way.

burnout-thinking man statueTalk to Yourself.

There is something therapeutic about having a few minutes to yourself every day to just think and talk to yourself. Whether it’s meditation, reflection, or some other practice. Quiet time can be great for the mind and the body.

Business owners take several steps to protect their businesses. They insure their businesses to cover unfortunate events and implement policies to prevent them from happening in the first place. Think of the tips we provided as personal policies you can implement for yourself to prevent burnout. Are you already feeling the stress creeping up on you? Check out these slides from WebMD on busting stress and be sure to try a couple of them today.


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